Doing Craft Shows As A Living…How To Choose Which Fairs To Do


 Juried Shows Have Quality Craftsmen


Cadaver Carnival

A juried show requires that you apply in advance. You are required to send in photos of your work, your booth and a bio of yourself . Each show has it’s own specific requirements, and you receive those after being accepted into the show.

Shows are juried to make sure the items being sold are genuinely hand crafted. The items are carefully looked over by a team or committee. They choose based on originality, creativity, appeal and other criteria. The jury is looking for high end, good quality, hand crafted merchandise. They look at booth design and set up. This is important at a juried show. The show must “look” good.

True Craftsmanship by Now and Zen for You

Juried shows make sure there is a good mix of vendors for the attendees of the show. A properly run juried show limits the number of vendors that are selling the same items…ie; jewelry. The jury usually notifies you by phone, email, or mail whether you have been accepted into the show. If you have, congratulations. You now have a better chance of selling your items!

Costs of juried shows are usually much higher than that of a non juried show. Costs can run from $100- $500, and sometimes more. The costs are due to extensive marketing of the shows, which includes advertising in local, state and trade papers and magazines, radio ads and more. Advertising also includes web based programs.

It is true that juried shows costs are higher, but in the long run, the value is better. The shows are marketed to the audience of customers you want to find. Juried shows have higher end ticket items, and are marketed towards people who are willing to spend. We speak from great experience. We started out by going to non-juried craft fairs back in the 1990’s. While we knew we had a great product, we had to compete with the “imports”, and others who were not really crafting anything. We had fun, met some nice people, but didn’t really make much money. It was frustrating.


Non Juried Shows Not For True Craftsmen


A non-juried show is one that you pay the table fee, sign up or send in the application and you are accepted with little questions asked. You do not have to show your products (which means no one else does either). Non juried shows cost anywhere from $10-$50. Rarely more. They are usually put on at a church, school or other civic organization.


While non juried shows can be good for a beginner to “spread their business wings” because of the cost, you must remember that while you are selling beautifully hand crafted items, the person next to you bought dollar store items and a package of glitter glue. The person on the other side has brought cute little snowmen, but they are imports. There is no way to really compete. Their costs are low, and can sell low. They will get the sale.


While you can make some extra cash at non juried shows, don’t expect to get rich off doing them. They are not heavily marketed or advertised (at $10 a table, there is no budget for advertising). For example, a craft show with 30 crafters only grosses $300. That is barely enough to advertise in the local paper. Take away the other costs:hall rental, signs, road signage, posters and other productions costs, these shows can’t afford to advertise to get people in the door to buy your products.


Non-juried shows can be way to start your business, but you will not find the right kind of customer there if you are selling a high end hand crafted item. Folks that go to these shows aren’t looking for that kind of merchandise. They go in with $20-$50 in their pockets. If you are selling beautifully hand crafted jewelry…you’ll be hard pressed to find your customer base at a non juried show.


 Vendor Fairs

Vendor fairs aren’t really craft fairs, and they really shouldn’t be marketed as such. These are the fairs where you will find people reselling items like Scentsy, Tupperware, Avon, Ava Anderson, as well as the countless other resellers out there. These can be a great boost if you are selling these items, but they are not truly a craft.

Creating A Peaceful Garden In Your Backyard

Buddha Statue for your Zen Garden

Create A Zen Spot In Your Backyard

It’s been a long week at work. You want a place to go to settle in with a good book (or kindle), or just hang out with a cup of coffee. You’d like to have a place where you can listen to the winds of time just flying past you. Why not spend that time in your own garden. Simple easy ideas to transform your yard, or part of your yard into a litte oasis of peace. Don’t have a backyard? That is okay. You can  use potted plants and some trinquits to plan your space.

Hanging Planters for Beauty & Small Garden Spaces

We all need a little zen. We all need a place to go to get chill out, and find some peace, and wouldn’t it be great if you could walk right out your back door and enter a world of peace and tranquility.
Creating a zen garden only takes a little imagination, a few plants, a few decorations and you can spend your summer nights in peaceful surroundings.

Creating Your Garden
The first thing you will want to do is map out the area. You can use a sketch pad. Just simple drawings are going to be fine. It is for you to see it coming together and reference as it goes along. Add x’s for places for garden art, and circles for plants. Squares can be added to mark where the furniture will be placed.

Picking Out Plan
After your map is created, make a list of plants that will grow well in the area you have chosen. If it is sunny, you will need to pick out plants for sun to full sun. If your oasis is going to be more in the shade, then you will look for Hosta’s and other shade loving plants.
With list in hand, visit your local nursery center and pick out your plants. Be sure to read the tags for all care instructions. Also, be careful that it is meant to grow in your zone. Many nurseries sell plants that work as a perennial in one zone, but an annual in another. Periennals will grow every year, while an annual dies at the end of the season. You can add some extra annuals like petunias, and marigolds for color


Blue Bottle & Copper Bird Feeder adds some great color to your garden


Pick a Theme
Do you think you would like a theme? What is your theme going to be? Zen? Rustic? Contemporary? Each one will make a beautiful place to hang out with your family and freinds. It will be totally up to your tastes.
Colors can also be incorporated into your theme. Pinks and purples with a splash of white? How about yellows, and reds with a bit of light green foliage. Themes are totally up to you.

Time Well Spent
It will cost you a little time and effort, but when your garden is all put together, and you can sit there and enjoy it, you’ll realize it was all worth it.  You’ll have a haven of peace right in your own backyard. Invite friends over, or simply relax in your new zen garden space.