Doing Craft Shows As A Living…How To Choose Which Fairs To Do

True Craftsmanship by Zen Gardens 4 You

  ¬†Juried Shows Have Quality Craftsmen   A juried show requires that you apply in advance. You are required to send in photos of your work, your booth and a bio of yourself . Each show has it's own specific requirements, and you receive those after being accepted into the show. Shows are juried to make sure the items being sold are genuinely hand crafted. … [Read more...]

Creating A Peaceful Garden In Your Backyard

¬† Buddha Statue for your Zen Garden Create A Zen Spot In Your Backyard It's been a long week at work. You want a place to go to settle in with a good book (or kindle), or just hang out with a cup of coffee. You'd like to have a place where you can listen to the winds of time just flying past you. Why not spend that time in your own garden. Simple easy ideas to transform your … [Read more...]