Making Your Own Clothes Is Fun And It Saves Money

Sewing your own clothes is fun, and it can save money. You buy a pattern once, and then use it over and over. Even if you gain or lose weight, you can adjust a pattern to fit you. Shopping for new patterns can be fun. Flipping through the pages of the new Simplicity pattern book, and seeing what new things you can make. I have even gotten into making my own. It brings out … [Read more...]

The Best Yogurt On The Planet

The best yogurt on the planet is homemade. It is very simple to do. And it saves so much money. You can also make yogurt cheese. All you need is: 1 quart milk- lowfat to regular. You can also use non-fat powdered milk. This is what I use. You can have it on hand, and it doesn't go bad. 1/2 cup plain yogurt-make sure it has live active cultures in it. 1/2 cup non-fat powdered … [Read more...]