How Dare I?

After listening to the Paul Parent Garden Club on Sunday, June 21, I decided to boycott it. I have that right. I am after all, guaranteed free speech by the U.S. Constitution. [Read more…]

Organic is Better Than Poisoning Our Earth

Garden “experts” such as Paul Parent Garden Club, should NOT be promoting poisonous products to the public. On his radio show, The Paul Parent Garden Club, he promotes using Round Up. Round Up is made by Monsanto, a company who has is trying to take over the seed industry. If Monsanto has their way, we will not be able to seed save and grow our own food. Monsanto wants to own it all. Please watch¬†for more information on Monsanto, and how they are poisoning our planet.

The point being is that Paul Parent, and other “gardening experts”, should know how important it is to grow organically. Everything is best grow organic. From our lawn to our veggies. This earth does not need poisons spread on it like Round Up.

As long as Paul Parent Garden Club promotes the use of poisons such as Round Up, I say we should stop listening to him and his radio show. Boycott the poison pushers, just like you would a drug pusher.
For more information, please visit, and watch The Future of Food