Back to the Past

Every year, the first weekend in August, Scribners Mill holds their Back to the Past events. Our friend had told us about it before, but this was our first year that we attended. Although we wear our Victorian clothes around the house and Effinhgam, give us and opportunity to wear them out somewhere, and we are usually there. For just $6 each, we got to roam around what use to … [Read more...]

Our Neigborhood

This is our neighborhood circa 1917 This is our neighborhood circa 2007 As you can see not much has changed in our neighborhood 90 years. The road is wider, and now paved, and the trees have changed a bit, but other than that things remain the same. Most of the people are the same as well. Some are in Maine, and the others in New Hampshire, but we are still one … [Read more...]