4 Ways to Grow an Organic Garden

Sunflower reaching for the sky

Many people think that growing organically is some sort of newfangled idea or fad, but that is far from the truth. It is neither newfangled, or a hot new fad. Our ancestors and forefathers farmed organically for generations, upon generations. They knew how to use crop rotation and other natural methods of farming to help keep bugs at bay. Crop rotation also helped feed … [Read more...]

Sunshine, Warm Day, and a 12 Pound Chicken

Today is a beautiful, warm, sunny day. It feels good after a long cold winter. We decided that today was the day to process the well overdue chickens in our barn. They should have been done by mid-February, but the weather has been too cold. So, out came the cone of silence (otherwise known as a killing cone), all our utensils, and a chicken. The first one we cut up into … [Read more...]