Growing Organic Heirloom Vegetables Which Sometime Come Out Looking Like Alien Vegetables

Alien Radishes
Alien Radishes

Cloverleaf Farm
Mortgage Lifter Boxing Tomato
Mortgage Lifter Boxing Tomato

Clovereaf Farm
Carrot with legs?

 What Planet Did These Vegetables Come From?

We grow organic heirloom varieties of vegetables. Heirlooms are the vegetables our ancestors grew, before people decided to hybridize them. They are much more delicious, and more nutritious, and as you can see, grow somewhat irregular.

Over the past few years, we have grown all sorts of vegetables. Carrots, peas, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes…you name it, we’ve probably grown it. We’ve had some cross pollinate. That’s okay, we ate those. The better ones go to the farmers market.

So, as you look at the pictures up above, one may ask what kind of fertilizer we use to grow such alien vegetables. Just for the facts, we use only manure from our rabbits, and chickens, and composting for fertilizer. We are an organic farm after all. We use no chemical or other fertilizers. 

I have no idea why they grew as they did. I mean, have you ever in your life seen a radish that looks like that. No, me either. How about a carrot that has tentacles or legs. Nope, didn’t think so. Oh, and that mortgage lifter tomato grew so large, it almost met itself and merged together. And, how about a gigantic carrot. You’ll never see one of those in a store produce aisle. We grew carrots so large, they were a meal by itself. Unbelievable vegetables.

While alien vegetables don’t tend to sell well at the farmers markets because they aren’t very pretty, they taste the same, and are good eatin’.